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When you find yourself headed West in the Great State of Texas, you're apt to yearn for a respite from the summer heat come sundown.  The thought of cooling your heels in some dimly lit club, while you enjoy the sultry moves of a few Texas beauties may seem pretty appealing.  Topped off by a "cold one," the idea may even seem brilliant in some circles.


Down Abilene way, if there is anything that these folks have going for them, it is their hospitality and their proclivity for long legged women.  So, enjoy 'em, the regular entertainers who have built this successful night spot on which the name of Maximus stands.  And while you're there, make sure that you stay long enough to reflect on the supreme stylings of their feature dancers, as well.


Amenities:  Pool Tables, Nightly Drink Specials, Contests, Big Screen TV.


Yes, the Abilene Club is open, but for now it is a "Bring Your Own Bottle" Club. We have all kinds of setups and a fabulous lineup of dancers.